Roksonix – Music in Me/Madness EP


Roksonix just dropped a new single, featuring two new tracks, “Music in Me” & “Madness”. I have to say, I’m feeling the throw-back feel to the track “Music in Me”; I don’t know, the build & vocals makes me feel like I should be raving in some rank warehouse in Britain circa early/mid 90s. Roksonix have done a superb job of bringing that classic dnb sound to the track that I’m sure the Old School Heads will appreciate, and back it up with some serious womp that the kids are lovin’ these days. I expect to hear this played out waaaay too much in the coming months, but fuck it, this track bumps.

[soundowl track_id=”1lkq” title=”Madness” artist=”Roksonix” url=”roksonix-madness” ]


[soundowl track_id=”1lkp” title=”Music In Me” artist=”Roksonix” url=”roksonix-music-in-me” ]