Introducing the Newest Members of Pretty Lights Music

The record label that was conceived by the one and only Derek Vincent Smith (aka Pretty Lights) is introducing two new names to its’ lineup. Since PLM’s inception less than a year ago, it has brought us the amazing acts of Paper Diamond, Gramatik, and Break Science. Today, is no different with the naming of two new artists adding more  depth to a roster that is already stacked with rising stars. First off is the producer that goes by Paul Basic that you may recognize from his earlier project Half Color with fellow PLM artist Michael Menert. Since then he has been focusing on his solo work and gives us a glimpse into his extremely talented work with the track Daydream. Hailing from Fort Collins, CO this kid loves Colorado and I have been fortunate enough to see him live at let me tell you, he throws down!

[soundowl track_id=”1mjm” ]


Next up is SuperVision who is yet another DJ from Fort Collins who learned the ropes working with Derek and Michael as they refined and mastered the art of making pretty lights. SuperVision brings a little bit more of a laid back feel to his music, but continues to carry that signature sound that we all can’t get enough off.

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Both of their debut albums (album artwork above) will be released on PLM on Sept. 27th for FREE download so be sure to follow these guys as well as the whole Pretty Lights Crew for brand new free music and upcoming tour dates.