Albums Galore: Kaskade, Justice & MiM0SA

Today, we are blessed with some of the biggest releases of the year and I couldn’t be more stoked. Kaskade’s double-album Fire and Ice dropped today which features an A-side (Fire) of his bangers including this summer’s hits “Eyes” and “Turn It Down” as well as new collaborations with the likes of Skrillex and Dada Life complemented by a B-side (Ice) of Kaskade’s “Ice” mixes of all the tracks from the album. This should give you everything you want from a Kaskade album… The ability to put it on at a party and get everyone jumping or throw it on in private to get that dry slampiece primed and ready (I almost wish he’d named the album Dry and Wet for that reason). Here’s his disco-y track with Skrillex – no Brostep here folks.

Kaskade & Skrillex – Lick It (Original Mix)

Second, we have Justice releasing Audio, Video, Disco, whose rather long hiatus from the scene has kept fans wondering how their style and production has changed and how it will fit into today’s music scene (which has changed drastically since their 2007 release Cross). Justice has always taken a “we don’t give a fuck” approach to their sound which worked quite well for them on their first album and created quite a following for the two Frenchmen. While the album is instantly recognizable as Justice, one can easily tell that it doesn’t have quite the same epic feel as their last effort. I’m afraid that this album may satisfy the hipster cult following that Justice has built but will fail to keep dance music enthusiasts interested without tracks like “D.A.N.C.E.” or “Phantom Pt. II” to be found. Still, I encourage you to pick it up and make your own assessment. Here’s what I’d say is the most danceable track on there.

Justice – Helix (Original Mix)

Last but not least, MMIBTY favorite MiM0SA released his full 12-track album Sanctuary today. The album features a couple tracks which have bounced around the internet with a ton of new originals of his signature dub/downtempo/glitch sound. Here’s one of my favorites – the man experiments with some moombah. Pick up the full album here.

MiM0SA – Fluorescence (Moombahton Remix)