Nero and Porter Robinson kick off North American tour in Burlington with a BANG

Well I am currently sitting in my history 65 class writing this, as much as I enjoy Toni Morrison I have other things on my mind. This will be the only class I will be attending today as last nights start of Nero and Porter Robinson’s North American Tour in Burlington was nothing short of epic! With the help of Nectar’s Presents, 2K Deep, and many more Memorial Auditorium was picked as the first stop on the tour, although this doesn’t seem to be travel related as their next show is in Vancouver tonight! These guys are jet setters and I am not sure they were even in Burlington for twelve hours. Either way this event set a new bar in my book for the budding electro venue that is Memorial Auditorium with amazing sound and an epic light show to match. The energy was amazing and when Porter started throwing down the likes of Auto Erotique’s banger Turn up the volume and his own brand new heavy moombahton track 100% In The Bitch and Burlington went nuts, we have already posted this track but I had to repost it after last night!

Porter Robinson – 100% in the bitch

Then it was time for the Geniuses, Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray, that are Nero to take the stage and boy-o-boy did they bring the noise giving Vermont a little taste of everything they got. Sampling the likes of Flux Pavillion anthems Cracks and Basscannon. While also berating the crowd with an epic mix up of new and old Nero originals from Promises to The Recluse. Nero also at one point made it clear we all needed to CTFO and chill the fuck out, and then after that we got even Louder with the help of Sian Evan’s epic vocal track. Then to slow it all down Nero shot us up with Rob Sparx track Windscreen Sniper, and for the kill switch Nero hit us with System Of a Down’s classic CHOP SUEY! Which was nothing less than an epic noise-storm. So to sum all that up I am really hung over the whole show was an amazing success, I wanna thank Nero and Porter for making the trip, also Nectar’s Presents and everyone else who helped make this amazing event possible, and we here at MMIBTY are stoked for events to come!

P.S. Here are a couple treats from the likes of last night. -Soup

Rob Sparx – Windscreen Sniper (VIP mix)
System of a Down – Chop Suey