Survival Sunday: New Tracks from Dada Life, The S, Skrillex and More

Welcome to the end of an exhausting Halloween weekend! Even though the actual date hasn’t passed, I think I’d speak for most people in saying I got my fill of Halloween these past couple days. We were treated to Designer Drugs at Club Vinyl in Denver last night thanks to Justin and Suk over at Altered Egos and I couldn’t have asked for a much better Halloween show. While I was a little disappointed that nobody really dressed up for Halloween at the club, I was rightfully killing it dressed in my golfer garb. Plus, I did get to see some nice slutty Halloween outfits before the show anyways…

Not a whole lot of news and I’m tired as shit so let me just get on with it. First up, Avicii released a preview of his newest track which, like “Levels” was originally, just being shared with us lacking a title. This one’s been being referred to as ID2 (Levels was ID1, I guess) and here’s the HQ preview… Definitely more of the same everyone’s come to expect and love from the Swedish superstar.

Avicii – ID2 (HQ Preview)

Dada Life is set to put out a new version of their latest smash “Happy Violence” featuring vocals on Tuesday but they gave us a preview of what to expect with this Caveat remix. Definitely not very often you get a singalong with the Dada (except, of course, for their remix of Tim Berg’s “Alcoholic”) so this is a nice treat… I’m a fan of the lyrics too.

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)

The Re:Generation documentary set to be released soon gave us a taste of what to expect from the film by giving us the track that Skrillex put together working with the remaining members of The Doors. I must say, being a fan of classic rock and The Doors, I was thouroughly impressed with how this track brought together the styles of both artists seamlessly.

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Break’n A Sweat

How about some Steve Angello folks! One of everyone’s favorite Swedes takes Nero’s massive track and turns it into an equally impressive house banger. We’ve heard this one remixed by Danger and loved that one but this is simply a hyphy track that you must absolutely blast at high volume.

Nero – Me & You (Steve Angello Remix)

I think this one might have been released last week but it’s a damn good track from the Italian producers The S and you should know about it. Electro house #ftw!

Pink is Punk – King Of Destiny feat. Jack Jaselli (The S Remix)

Oh and if you missed it, this was probably the craziest thing to hit the internet all week! Duck Sauce being weird and everyone loves it!