Three New Electro House EP’s You Should Know About

First up, Villains dropped their newest EP Control The Future last week and the title track has been on repeat for me. The song samples Rage Against The Machine’s famous lyrics (and Zack de la Rocha’s legendary voice) mixed with an interesting, driving, and choppy beat. Just love the sound coming out of these LA-based producers. Also be sure to check out the song with Trowa off the EP.

Villains – Control The Future

Pick up Control The Future EP here.

Next, The S, the Italian electro producers we posted about a few weeks ago dropped their two-song EP entitled Haunting Melodies EP just recently. Again, I’m gonna have to throw up the title track here and let it speak for itself.

The S – Haunting Melodies

Get both tracks in full quality here.

Finally, the crudely-named Hungarian electro producers Tits & Clits released their latest Labyrinth EP just the other day and it’s got some new solid tracks from a duo that’s been pretty quiet as of late. Best of all, it’s free! All they ask for the free DL is that a post be made on your wall about it. Read all the details here and I’ll leave you with my personal favorite off the EP.

Tits & Clits – Ariadne

BONUS: This has nothing to do with EP’s or electro house but this song has been stuck in my head since Avicii opened with it at Skylab and then once he dropped it in his latest LE7ELS podcast. Only the drop changes but it certainly makes the song better and it seems like Mr. Avicii himself agrees. Guess where Mr. Myers is from…?

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers Remix)