You know you love that DIRTY TALK!

Play Me Records brought Christmas early this year with one for their best EPs to date. Dropping a ridiculous amount of distorted basslines throughout all the tracks this hot female duo is snapping necks with some of the best of them. Yea I said female duo! Dirty Talk is the collaboration of DJ Lucy Luxe and DJ Monica Farr with the latter hailing from cocaine country, Columbia. They aren’t afraid of getting dirty, playing a steady dose of drum and bass, dubstep, and an occasional moombahton track in the mix. These girls have some serious talent on the decks and choice of music as I was very impressed with the additional tracks they chose on their recent Beatport Chart. The EP includes originals, a remix, and collaborations with the likes of  Messinian, Reid Speed, Boy Kid Cloud, Maskism, Captain Panic!, and FS . The first song Unruly is a personal favorite with P.O.T. coming in a tight second. If you like what you hear and see head over to the boys at Beatport for the entire EP.

Dirty Talk & Boy Kid Cloud ft. Messinian – Unruly

Dirty Talk – P.O.T.

Dirty Talk on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Beatport