Artist Spotlight: GRiZ is The Best PLM Artist Not Signed To PLM

It seems that lately the Pretty Light Music (PLM) record label headed up by its namesake can do no wrong when it comes to producing some of the best glitch and step producers and hip-hop beatmakers around. Well, there is one producer that the music dynasty has seriously overlooked. GRiZ (real name: Grant Kwiecinski) is a Detroit-based glitch and dubstep master sampler with a knack for creating some of the most intriguing tunes coming out of the genres. His originals and remixes, many of which he gives away for free on his SoundCloud, show amazing depth and immeasurable musical talent. Grant can claim to play the saxophone, among his stellar computer production work, and his collaborator Dan Hacker (aka Muzzy) is responsible for laying down the awesome guitar riffs you can often hear throughout his music. Like the first time you heard Pretty Lights, you will undoubtedly feel connected with his music instantly and crave more. While his sounds range from laid-back glitch-hop tracks to “ADHD Bass Musiq” and everything in between, the quality of the productions is instantly evident throughout his catalog.

Check out his newest track “Where’s The Love”, which features samples from Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City” among countless others.

GRiZ – Where’s The Love

This next remix is absolutely off the chain. Just speechless.

Aerosmith – Dream On (GRiZ Remix)

Here’s another song of his that takes you on a journey between downtempo interludes and high-intensity hip-hop verses with a hyphy backing.

GRiZ – Call Remix ft. Josh Smith and Say Kay

As far as having a musical ear, it is no more evident to me that GRiZ has a finely-tuned one than after listening to this incredibly variable and creative song.

GRiZ – Better Than I Ever Been

Make sure to hit up his SoundCloud to hear a lot more of his tunes and show him the necessary love on Facebook and Twitter.