MartyParty – Young Pimp: The Complete Series

The much anticipated final installment of MartyParty‘s Young Pimp series dropped yesterday completing the 54 track album featuring all unreleased material. The compilation includes originals as well as a few remixes produced over the past half decade. Each volume highlights a different genre and time period that he has been involved in since his inception in 2005. With tracks ranging in title from “Sour Diesel”, “Horny Jungle”, and “When the Cat’s Away the Mouse is Boss” you can expect pretty much anything and everything from this epic collection. No matter if your catching this cat live or listening through these musical volumes, MartyParty always takes you through an incredible musical journey.

I can’t remember the first time my ears got the pleasure of Marty’s Purple music, I can only tell you that I have been hooked since. As an independent producer, he creates, promotes, and manages his music out of his Brooklyn based studio.  MartyParty is among the rare in his views toward the establishment with his motto proclaiming, “Say No To Slavery, Worship The Sun!” The man is an animal in the production world as well also partying with Ooah (of The Glitch Mob) known as PANTyRAiD as well as his recent collaborations with Deathstar bud, Minnesota. He recently went to the legendary Burning Man event playing shows throughout the week at all hours of the day/night helping the attendees enjoy the week. Buring Man is a must for me next year.

Just wrapping up a major tour as well as the long festival season Marty is spending the next few months in the studio before hitting the road again. He has already announced one stop this spring playing at The Snowball Music Festival in Vail, CO! Tickets on sale today, come ski and party with us this spring!

Songs, Tracklists, and Downloads after the jump!

Simply click the link  to start downloading the zip for each volume of the Young Pimp Series – uncompress them on your machine – and add them to your iTunes library to have the complete 54 track album….

Young Pimp Vol 1


1. 101 to the 5
2. Desert Crunk
3. Dolce and Gabbana
4. Drink It What!
5. Fly Beat
6. Looking Out My Window
7.New Me New You
8. Real Niggas
9. Sufjan Stevens Remix
10. When the Cat’s Away the Mouse is Boss
11. Young Pimp

Young Pimp Vol 2


1. All We Wanna Do Is Party
2. And One
3. Blowin Up
4. Cali Got The Best Weed
5. Can I Brutha Get A Lil Peace
6. Cape Cod
7. Mystery Dot
9. Sec
10. Shes My Lover
11. Why

Young Pimp Vol 3


1.PAD Start
2. Portland
3. So Sexy
4. 64Bit Civilization
5. Heavy Pettin’
6. I Feel Like Im On Dope
7. Horny Jungle
8. Bad Boy
9. West Coast Attitude
10. Bam Bam Remix

Young Pimp Vol 4

01. Understand Me
02. One Mon Just Come Out
03. Jump Now
04. Mary
05. Airbus
06. Love
07. Kuzuko
08. In The Game
09. African Dog
10. Beyonce Im a Diva Remix
11. Giants Under The Sea

MartyParty-YoungPimp-Volume 5

1. Dirty South 8th
2. Baby Girl
3. Yeah I Smoke It
4. Bounce
5. Traffic
6. Very Best Duck
7. Migration
8. Gonna Get Loud
9. Sour Diesel
10. Hip Hop Won
11. Lyyke Li-Until We Bleed Remix