The Anticipation for Skream’s “Anticipate” is OVER

Now you’re probably thinking that this track sounds pretty familiar. And it might considering it’s been floating around the internet in one form or another (previews, YouTube videos, etc.) since before the summer. This is undoubtedly, in my opinion, Skream’s biggest track in a long time. The vocals and sound he brings to this amazing record are incredible. Like seriously, tell me listening to this track doesn’t make you super happy. The video, which was just released this week in anticipation (pun… intended?) of the track’s release next week is quite amusing too. I have included the sped-up DnB remix by Netsky and I’m sure all you kids remember the insane energy he brought to Rusko’s “Everyday”: his remix duties on this track are equally energizing. Pick your poison…

Skream – Anticipate (ft. Sam Frank) [Original Mix]

Skream – Anticipate (ft. Sam Frank) [Netsky Remix]