2011 in Review: Dubstep

With the year quickly coming to an end we decided it’s time for the straight up bangers that we all hate to love and love to hate, the category that no one “listens to” but constantly sells out the largest venues. EDM’s dirty rotten ginger stepchild, Dubstep. Well I am warning you I doubt this post will be anything that you haven’t heard, unless you have been living under a rock in your mothers basement for the past twelve months. Dubstep has exploded in the past few years and has continued to progress and impress us over the course of 2011. The names on this list are mostly classics with a couple young guns such as Zeds Dead, Brown and Gammon, Sub Focus, and Paper Diamond making their way in there. The likes of the OG crew still make up almost 75% of this top ten list though, from Nero to Bassnectar to Skrillex to Rusko we have been once again blessed with another year filled with filthy bass and constant head throttling drops, and for that we thank you.

Dubstep is by no means everyone’s favorite genre of EDM but it is a guilty pleasure of the best kind for many. Dubstep may be the pop music of the EDM world and as we continue to see EDM spilling into mainstream “Pop Music” one has to wonder where the line is drawn between a Top 40 song and a Skrillex set list? Either way though this is the natural progression of a genre that has become wildly popular in the recent years, it has taken a while for the masses to catch on and or accept the likes EDM but it does appear to be happening. There are examples of this phenomena everywhere in our daily lives, from tv commercials loaded with Dubstep tracks to the start-up of EDM inspired clothing lines like the simply titled “Lets Rage”. If Dubstep is responsible at all for this progression of EDM into mainstream music I couldn’t be anymore grateful. Although we may think of the Dubstep artist as a sell out, or claim the music is sub par, this progression into the mainstream is what is making for the Epic Venues, ludicrous light and visual shows, unreal festival locales, and most importantly more progression. So in conclusion, Dubstep has gotten me through another cold VT winter and long school year, although its appeal to the masses has grown far beyond my wildest imagination I will remain forever stoked. Let the haters hate and lets WOMP our way into and through this new year!

1. Can We Go Up – Paper Diamond
2. Everyday – Rusko
3. Bass Cannon – Flux Pavillion
4. Lights – Bassnectar Remix
5. Coffee Break – Zeds Dead
6. Louder – Doctor P & Flux Pavillion
7. Cinema – Skrillex Remix
8. Promises – Nero & Skrillex Remix
9. Falling Down – Sub Focus
10. Brown and Gammon – Blow My Mind