Les Loups: A Disco House Wolf Pack

With the dead of winter approaching I find a healthy dose of disco to be the perfect remedy for those deep freeze doldrums. As my constant voyage for new disco house forges ahead, I have been saved for the time being by a German trio going by the moniker Les Loups. When translated, these three kids are known as wolves as they continuously feed their victims their take on french-house, nu-disco, and electro funk music. With an upcoming release in the works these kids have nowhere to go but up. Wouldn’t be cool to know of them before they come stateside!

We start off with their brand new single that is getting a lot of love around the bogosphere and around the world. Released in a package that included two remixes, it’s exactly what I’m looking for right now.

Les Loups – Amicus (Original Mix)

Next up is what could be considered their break out single that was released a few months back. The track and group received so much attention that they were able to get a personal favorite, LBCK to remix it. Both tracks offer something different, but something that you really want.

Les Loups – Side To Side (Original Mix)

Les Loups – Side To Side (LBCK Remix)

Finally, is a guest mix they made form Kahua Music Podcast that may hint at how they are performing live. I’m hooked.

Kahua Music Podcast – Les Loups Guest Mix

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