Munchi is a G, Levels gets SMASHED, & Jack Beats brings the noise.

Not sure how Munchi managed to stay off our radar until now, but either way he is here now and bringing the moombahton hard. Munchi, hailing from Palestine is at the forefront of the moombahton revolution and has one of the most impressive Soundcloud pages I have ever come across, be sure to check it out as it makes for almost endless listening. Today though I have Munchi’s newest track titled Fuck This (Walmer Convenience Exclusive) this track is a hard-hitting and gangster as they come, Munchi is calling the genre Moombahtrap….SO HOOD.

Munchi – Fuck This (Walmer Convenience Exclusive)


So you thought you had enough of Avicii’s hit single Levels? Well you were wrong, and the best part about this one is Bugra Akaktan that is Bamboora simply mashed up the previously well done Hardwell and Skrillex remixes of Levels and made the hardest hitting version of levels I think I have heard yet. I will let you be the judge of that but this track is packed full of super clean transitions and huge drops.

Bamboora – Levels Mashup (Hardwell vs. Skrillex)



Next up I have a new one from Jack Beats, although I haven’t heard much out of him lately this track knocks so he clearly hasn’t fallen off the wagon. So either way Jack Beats new track: Make The People has that classic sound that we have come to expect from this guy combined with some funky ass drops that are sure to get ya hoppin!

Jack Beats – Make The People