New Releases Part 1: Knife Party – The 100% No Modern Talking EP

Like free downloads? You know we do. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen (of Pendulum), the duo that comprise Knife Party, know their fans do too. Today we get a special treat in the form of a 4-song EP released completely free via either the Knife Party website (sign up for their newsletter) or the Knife Party Facebook page (share with your friends).

Over the past several months we have seen a spike in free releases, either as singles (Sub Focus), EPs (Knife Party), or complete albums (ever heard of Pretty Lights Music?). Personally speaking, I think this is a great model because it allows the music to spread like wild fire, and encourages more people to check out live shows – and that’s where artists make a majority of their income anyways.

Although you’ve heard a majority of the songs off this EP already, here’s your chance to own them all in one place. And they kick some ass. Happy monday.

Knife Party – Destroy them with Lazers
Knife Party – Fire Hive
Knife Party – Internet Friends
Knife Party – Tourniquet