Survivial Sunday: The Grammy’s Finally Recognize Electronic Music Exists

So the biggest piece of news this week has to be the big announcement of the 2012 Grammy award nominees. Now, if you’re like me, you haven’t given two shits about the Grammy’s since real artists with real talent used to win the coveted gold gramophone. The past ten years have shown that the “academy” who actually picks the winners is really just a computer that gives the award to whoever sold the most records that year, regardless of whether they actually made good music or not. And, of course, the Grammy’s have always failed to keep up with the changing face of music, finding solace in the comfortable realm of “pop” music while, as much as it has evolved, has remained largely stagnant and lacking in creativity and innovation. As anyone who reads this blog knows, the face of FUTURE MUSIC is electronic music. You can’t even turn on a radio these days without hearing the newest pop song with an infections house or electro beat (Calvin Harris has a top 40 song people, in the US no less!). Well this year reality came knocking and the powers that be decided they would recognize at least one EDM artist who’s made a little impact in the world of music. Say what you will about brostep king of kings Skrillex but the man deserves to be fucking recognized. Saying he’s made a contribution to the music industry this year is a MASSIVE understatement. So this year, his nomination for Best New Artist marks the first time an electronic musician has ever earned this honor. In fact, he stands among the top 6 most nominated artists in this years picks (although most of those awards aren’t televised). Will he win? Unlikely. Will any other electronic musicians win in the next couple years? I hope so. I mean, Duck Sauce got nominated as well. So things can only get better, right?

In less exciting news, Avicii and Skrillex got the top two spots on BroBible’s Top Electronic Artists of 2011 list published this week. I’m sorry but I didn’t need to see that list to tell you what bro’s would pick as their top 2 artists. However, there were some worthy placements on the list, proving that even bros can have decent music taste with an internet connection and a bookmark to (yeah… I went there), so I encourage you to check out the list if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Okay – pretty shitty week for new releases but here’s the cream of the crop. The undeniable best track comes from none other than Congorock. He is constantly pushing the limits of what EDM is and everything he makes seems to end up in every major DJ’s sets. I mean, hell, “Babylon” is still being played almost every time I go to a show.

Congorock – Ivory (Original Mix)

Zed’s Dead, who just rocked Denver a couple weeks ago with their sold out double-headlining night at the Ogden Theater, released a previously unreleased VIP mix of their remix of “Eye’s On Fire”, which was the track that got me into them in the first place. This version adds in hip-hop-esque lyrics by Omar LynX which absolutely takes this beautiful dubstep jam to the next level.

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire x Jackie Boy (Zed’s Dead VIP Remix ft. Omar LynX)

Big Gigantic, who interestingly enough I don’t think we’ve ever featured on this blog, released their newest track this week. More of their characteristic mix of musical influences with added wobble for your listening pleasure.

Big Gigantic – Nocturnal

Lastly, The Glitch Mob released an old collaboration they did with Theophilus London a couple years ago which fits much better with their new gangster music direction they’ve taken since their Drink the Sea Pt. II Mixtape was released last year.

The Glitch Mob – Black Aura ft. Theophilus London

BONUS: How about MitiS? This little project has been getting some attention across the internet lately for their new What We Saw EP (out on Beatport now) and their downtempo dub/electro style that everyone can’t seem to get enough of. I personally love it. This is the kind of music you could listen to doing most anything cool. I’ll post two songs just because you need both. Really.

MitiS – Influential Past (Original Mix) [Electro]

MitiS – Written Emotions (Original Mix) [Dub]