Feed Me ‘With Teeth’ and US Tour Dates

Feed Me – Cott’s Face (Original Mix)

Perhaps one of the most under rated stars involved in the rise of EDM, Jon Gooch is legend behind the decks. Beginning his career in England under the moniker Spor, he rose to popularity in the underground drum and bass scene. So much that he even started a label signing such names as Apex and Evol Inent. But fortunately for us he didn’t stop there as his eagerness to learn drove him further. What was once only to be a side project, the electro house monster that is Feed Me was born. Since then, he has released two albums, torn up the states and over seas, and just announced his newest tour featuring an all new setup!

Now I’m not saying it can compete with Pretty Lights or The Skrillex Cell, I’m just saying it looks fucking sweet. I mean seriously, just imagine the kids on ecstasy staring at the biggest, meanest pair of teeth they’ve ever seen. Sounds awesome to me! Check the image below for dates and locations nearest you. Tickets are now available at wantickets.com !!