Funky, Creative House Music From Volta Bureau

I really missed out on this track. Apparently this track has been floating around the universe since last spring and it completely slipped me by. Maybe it was because back then I couldn’t appreciate the musical influences present in this song. Or because it wasn’t making my ears bleed. If you’re still in that stage of musical development, I’m sorry. I was there once and looking back on it, my taste was immature and downright bad. Since we started this blog last year, my musical tastes have grown to a level I never thought possible. Sure, I can still appreciate a bass-tastic journey of which the likes of Skrillex or Excision can provide. But I really find sweet, sweet bliss in songs of this caliber. Is this house music? Yes, it is. Is it so musically-influenced and well-produced that it sounds like something else? Absolutely. Can you dance to it? You better believe it. It’s not for everyone, but that’s why my music is better than yours. Just kidding… You’ll love it.

Volta Bureau – Alley Cat (Original Mix)

P.S. Play this for your parents and they won’t think you’re crazy for loving house music anymore.

Check out the Washington, D.C.-based trio on SoundCloud and Facebook.