In Case You Missed It: Cobra Starship ft. Mac Miller – Middle Finger (Bingo Players Remix)

So there I was, this past Friday night at Bill’s Bar in Boston, next to historic Fenway Park. Three weeks in a row I’ve spun a DJ set opening up for my long-time friend Mike, who is a master of the Ableton/APC 40 setup. Bill’s is one of the few bars (as opposed to clubs) in Boston where you can go and hear electronic dance music, usually in the form of House/Electro-House that is slightly off the beaten path. After enduring requests from stupid drunk girls for things such as Britney Spears (I shit you not, a girl literally yelled at Mike for me to “PLAY IT NOW!”), Lil’ Wayne, and Hip Hop in general, a cute girl came up to the DJ booth and kindly asked us to play “Middle Finger” by Cobra Starship, the Bingo Players remix.

I don’t know about the rest of you people out there, but my interest definitely piques when a fine looking lady drops a name like Bingo Players out of nowhere. The BPs aren’t exactly pop stars so you know this girl must have been a fan of the EDM scene. I’ll admit that I had heard mutterings of this particular remix, but I had never given it a shot, mostly because I had no idea who Cobra Starship are (and they turn out to be pretty poppy).

When I got home that night I immediately downloaded this song and I was not disappointed. It receives “In case you missed it” status because it was released at the end of December 2011 and we definitely missed it. The Bingo Players put a bangin twist on this song, but kept the vocals so that it remains the type of track that can really make a party go crazy. Check out the video of the original song below, featuring Mac Miller, to see what elements they kept and which ones they changed. And for all you DJs out there, you may want to consider adding this to your collection if you haven’t already.

Cobra Starship ft. Mac Miller – Middle Finger (Bingo Players Remix)