Rusko Inspired in BTV

With temperatures on sunday night in Burlington clocking in at 1 degree with a wind chill of 15 mph, you would think everyone would have stayed in on this ‘school night’. Not Burlington though, instead around 2000 students and general misfits flocked to Memorial Auditorium for the first ever appearance of dubstep godfather Rusko. Sundays performance was one for the record books to say the least, with Rusko going as hard as I have ever witnessed at any of my five previous Rusko shows. Sporting a nice set of un-matching black and white socks Rusko proceeded to step on stage at 9pm and I am not sure he stopped moving for two hours straight. Dropping remixes on tracks by the likes of Knife Party and Redlight combined with old and new originals such as Roll it Light it ft. Cypress Hill and the ever-favorite crowd pleaser, Cockney Thug. Rusko maintains a stage presence unmatched by even the most expensive stage acts, between his constant narration of his sets, his truly epic dance moves, and his amazing ability to get the crowd so involved in the show that they are literally singing along to the bassline.

Rumor has it Rusko was truly moved by sunday nights show and that at some point during his last song, a remix of Redlights Get Out My Head (DL below), he had an epiphany of sorts and was apparently expressing to everyone backstage how moved and amazed he was with Vermont’s crowd! Hopefully this means Rusko will be excited to return to Burlington soon and once again berate us with his arsenal of ear-punishing sounds, skull crushing drops, and the best dance moves in the biz. I want to thank Rusko for giving it 120% every time I see him, this guy does not have sick days, literally tearing the roof off Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium on sunday and setting the bar for the relative new venue pretty high. Below is a link to an epic photo album from myself and Christopher Lisle as well as the Redlight original Get Out My Head that Rusko demolished in his encore. Finally I had to repost Rusko’s collab with Cypress Hill because you know how we do in VT, Roll it Roll it Roll it Light it!

Photo Album

Rusko x Cypress Hill – Roll it, Light it

Redlight – Get Out My Head (Main Mix)