Artist Spotlight: Where The Hell Did TheFatRat Come From?

The other day, when I was looking over all of the music that we’ve posted in the past few months on this blog, this questing kept nagging at me. TheFatRat has simply bursted onto the scene out of nowhere and arguably has produced the best remixes of some of the most heavily remixed songs out there. He first made a name for himself with his remix of Foster The People’s “Don’t Stop”, which introduced the blogosphere to his incredibly melodic and upbeat sound which paired so well with the indie band’s vocals. The hook was set. Was it electro, indie dance or something else entirely? Did it really matter?

Foster The People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix)

Then, when he released his next remix, the nagging of music blogs to give this next “Levels” remix a chance (ironically titled “Next Levels”) seemed to indicate that he actually had produced a Avicii remix worth adding to our collections. And not only that. In my opinion, his remix shits on Skrillex’s and every other one I’ve heard. Again, the sound was hard to categorize but it just felt so goddamn right. Musically on point.

Avicii – Next Levels (TheFatRat Remix)

Finally, to complete the trilogy of his takeover, he took on a song so overrun with remixes (and really good ones to boot) that I never thought he could stand a chance. On this blog alone we had probably posted four or five remixes of this song before his ever came along. That’s right: it’s Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”. Nobody will ever really be able to understand what made this such a perfect song to be remixed. Again, the internet pleaded that we give his version a chance. And I don’t think anyone ever looked back. Unlike “Levels”, I think it’s much harder to say his is the best because every remix brings such a different energy; I could listen to a playlist of Gotye remixes straight through and not get bored. The point is: he nailed it again.

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (TheFatRat Remix)

Last week, he announced his first official remix which is gearing up to be a great one. This time, he is going to be redefining Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out” and I personally cannot wait to hear how it’s going to sound. This preview he released on his SoundCloud already has me excited and it sounds like it’s going to get very hyphy compared to his other offerings. Until then, become acquainted with the amazing talent of Mr. TheFatRat and hopefully he will not stop making his self-entitled “fuck the genre” music anytime soon.

Haven’t had enough of TheFatRat? Head over to his Facebook Page or Soundcloud to follow the guy and download all his music for free.