Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Get Shitty.

You know what day it is. Doubt anyone is going to be wasting the holiday looking for new tracks but here’s two awesome tracks I’ve been enjoying anyways. Both are pretty chilled out and feature some awesome drum work and would make great tunes to drive around to. With the weather being as nice as it’s been (at least in Denver), roll down those windows and blast out these jams.

Kraddy never ceases to amaze with his endless talent and use of different styles. This remix is everything a remix should be… adding to the original with a richer sound and more flair while keeping everything that made the original great intact.

Wiz Khalifa – When I’m Gone (KRADDY Remix)

It’s glitchy, uses some awesome vocal samples, has some awesome drums, amazing synths and a confusing name. That’s about all you need to know.

Taquwami – vvi+h You

See you tomorrow for Survival. Have a Car Bomb or 10 for me.