Yet another one of my Top Tracks of 2011 has gotten a fresh reworking by the guys who brought you the Cry bootleg that took the world by storm last year. Kids At The Bar have made a living by pumping a steady dose of electro bass into everything that passes them by. Adding that much needed spark to my all time favorite disco track, K.A.T.B. has accomplished what so many other DJ’s have failed at over the past year. Genres are becoming ever more difficult to define, allowing for the rise of sounds that some never thought imaginable. Bringing together the classic feel of disco with the ever increasing popularity of electro house is only a logical step forward. The ability to mix old with new is not easy,  but this bootleg is sure to keep the party going all night long. Please, please, please check these guys out if they come through your city either on tour or during the upcoming festival season.

Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher (Kids At The Bar Bootleg Remix)