Cedric Gervais’ Racey New Video “Molly”

Cedric Gervais – Molly

We’ve heard the word “molly” a lot lately. Most notably in reference to Madonna and her Ultra Music Festival 2012 appearance/performance and her new album titled “MDNA”. Deadmau5 responded with a rant on his Tumblr page talking about responsibility and how even though EDM is often tied to drugs and drug use, it’s not a requirement to consume drugs, simply stating that people should be responsible (he’s not here to preach pro-drug or anti-drug). I think a lot of us have seen “Shit Ragers Say” which is one of those funny-cuz-it’s-true videos, but it’s definitely some EDM fans taking things a little too far. I personally hate the connotation electronic music has in regards to drug use, but I’m not here to say one way or another how I feel on the subject as a whole.

What I’m here to do is to introduce you to this new song and video by French House producer/DJ Cedric Gervais. It is called “Molly” (or “Have You Seen Molly”) and has already become one of Pete Tong’s Essential New Tunes on BBC Radio 1. The video is extremely racey and features a very attractive woman who we can only assume is Molly. Beyond featuring her in minimal clothing, there are scenes from what appears to be a rave (people dancing, sweating, kissing, touching, etc). One has to wonder if this song/video has anything to do with subjects other than drug use. For those new to the game, Molly (often spelled differently among different people) is the name given to crystallized/powdered MDMA, which is the active ingredient in Ecstasy and is popular among ravers. Gervais might respond by saying the title of the track is simply about a girl named Molly, but I think we all know better. Phrases in the song include “she makes my life feel better”, “can you help me find Molly” and more. I’m a bit disappointed he chose this as a title and I’m surprised I haven’t seen much chatter about it online. I happen to agree with Deadmau5’s call to action for artists to be responsible and in this case I feel as though Cedric Gervais hasn’t necessarily been responsible with his actions, possibly allowing EDM fans to feel encouraged to pursue “Molly” and/or other recreational drugs.

All things considered, I do like the beat of this song with its Acid House sounds and the video is pretty hot and spicy too. Curious to know what others think about this topic and the video itself, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Cedric Gervais will be playing at Boston’s Splash Ultra Lounge next Wednesday April 11…maybe I’ll get a chance to ask him for his insight.