Diplo: Kind of A Big Deal

I know it, you know it, hell even your mom probably knows it. Diplo has become famous through no ordinary means and has succeeded through such minor things as production credits (such as co-producing the beat to Chris Brown‘s ridiculously popular song “Look At Me Now”) to major exposure through the likes of televisions shows and magazine covers. The latest piece of news in Diplo’s rise to the top? The single which he produced for Usher, “Climax”, has achieved the number one spot on the Hip-Hop/R&B Billboard charts. In a tweet Diplo sent out today, he said:

“big up everyone that supported #climax… ☯✞☮ that will be my first and only #1 billboard song i think. but its a good one so i love u” – @diplo

Given how far his name has traveled and his music has spread lately, I can honestly say I doubt that. He’s friends with pretty much every DJ in the EDM game and every rapper/producer in the Hip-Hop and R&B game. With connections like that and with enough musical talent to shake a stick at, I anticipate him to only become more popular. Everyone who has a Facebook/Twitter today, take the time to congratulate Diplo on this amazing accomplishment and enjoy his less radio-friendly (and more our speed) remix to that same #1 song.

Usher – Climax (Diplo’s Bouncier Climactic Remix)

As a bonus today, I wanted to include two LQ previews for songs that I think sound spectacular and really need to be finished and released immediately. Enjoy them for what they are. [House + Dubstep]

Alex Gaudino – Chinatown
Mayhem x Antiserum – Untitled