Noya – the React EP (I went to middle school with this guy…)

It’s a pretty big deal when your tracks get released on Beatport, which is the go-to website for DJs around the world to download the highest quality songs (at a premium price) in the realm of dance music. I often reference Beatport when I create my posts because it’s a standard by which EDM producers and DJs both acquire and rank music (the Top 10 often reflects the biggest dance tracks in the world at a given time). A friend of mine, hearing the name of the site for the first time, actually asked me if it’s a porn site. It may not be, but it’s a higher quality alternative to buying music on iTunes – you can get music at 320kbps rather than iTunes’ 192kbps. Anyways…

It’s an even bigger deal when someone you know has music released on Beatport. Enter Adam Noya, under his stage name “Noya”. Adam is someone I went to middle school with, having grown up in Natick, MA where I also spent the first 18 years of my life. I always knew Adam as a guitar player and while he remained more of an acquaintance, I had no reason to suspect that 10 years later he’d be producing dance music.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Adam when I saw his newest EP, called The React EP, was released this past Friday on – you guessed it – Beatport. It’s a collection of four original tracks ranging from 130bpm to 140bpm, Electro to Dubstep, and featuring some HEAVY wobbles. It’s funny that so many people I know who were into various kinds of music back in the day are all listening to or producing some kind of dance music these days. I guess guitar and hard rock music transfer over to Dubstep pretty seamlessly and there is no better example of that than Skrillex who famously transitioned from the singer of a screamo rock band to one of the biggest dance producers on the planet.

Check out these couple of tracks and if you like what you hear go grab the EP on Beatport HERE.

Noya ft. Lindsay Nourse – React
Noya – Red Dragon

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