Sunday Night Jam from Bufi

So Parisian band Housse de Racket, who happen to be playing today closing out the final day of the final weekend of Coachella, launched a remix competition for their song “Aquarium” through SoundCloud a couple weeks back. The deadline was today and the winner is supposed to be announced tonight. In anticipation of that announcement and to provide with you a fresh jam for tonight, I present the Bufi remix. The Mexican producer has already released the song for free download through his SoundCloud so we can go ahead and enjoy it regardless of who wins. It’s a very diverse and creative track and you can really pick up on the Latin influence. With what looks to be about 100+ entries in the mix, it’s anyone’s guess who the winner will be but we’ll know soon enough.

Housse de Racket – Aquarium (Bufi Remix)