Swing Music Is Cool Again

One of the things that I find so impressive about the current state of electronic music is that is seems there is no limit to innovation. Disco has made a major comeback as part of the rise of EDM. Moombahton went from being a interesting experiment to a worldwide phenomenon. And now, I present to you the next step in the evolution, electro swing. This movement is not very new to the world (it’s very popular in France & the UK right now) but certainly is to us. Swing music, made popular in the 1930’s, was beloved for its characteristic uptempo jazz sounds and inclusion of big brass. Now, it is being reinvented by creative producers of today.

Fans of Pretty Lights will instantly recognize the familiar sampling techniques and combination of old and new sounds. In fact, Pretty Lights features some swing samples in his catalog as well. However, it seems that the sole rule in electro swing is that there are no rules. Every producer seems to have a different take on what it should sound like, with come incorporating more of a hip-hop and breakbeat feel, while others dwell on an electro or dub theme. This immense creativity is what I find makes this music so intriguing. Take a listen and see what you think. Is it the next moombahton?

Parov Stelar is one of the major names in the electro swing game right now, having done more to cross over to “mainstream” success than anyone else. Here’s two tracks from him that should give you an idea why. Hungarian electro producers Tits and Clits on the remix for “Booty Swing”.

Parov Stelar – Catgroove (Original Mix)
Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (Tits and Clits Remix)

Also big in the electro swing game is Parisian band Caravan Palace. Their newest album Palace was released in France last month and we can only hope that it makes it here soon enough. Defunk‘s remix of “Rock It For Me” is fucking awesome.

Caravan Palace – Clash (Original Mix)
Caravan Palace –  Rock It For Me (Defunk Remix)

Finally, UK- based ChupacabraDJ’s put together an awesome electro swing mix to ring in the spring (springswing?) that I think you’ll really enjoy. Stay tuned for more electro swing to come…

Chupacabra DJs Electro Swing Mix Spring 2012