GonZo Presents Disco’s Payback: The Reboots

I am extremely amused by the fact that true disco-heads will tell you, and have been for years, that disco never died. While you could debate that statement with regards to the past several decades, there is no denying that disco is making a small but measurable comeback. Maybe it never did die… just went into hibernation. No matter what the case, I have become a certifiable disco fiend in the past couple years. And in the wake of the tragic passing of Donna Summers, I find it is only a fitting tribute to show just how alive disco remains. Gonzo, a young disco producer hailing from Denmark, has put together a very interesting project. While it came out the better part of a year ago, it has just come to my attention and absolutely deserves to be shared. Disco’s Payback: TheReboots is an 11-track (free) bootleg album that combines the best of new and old, mashing-up contemporary pop hits with old disco classics. And boy is it enjoyable.

My highlights: Tracks 3, 5, 7 and 11 but don’t be afraid to download the whole thing here and enjoy it from start to finish!

Want more? Head over to Gonzo’s SoundCloud for a ton more free tracks bringing the oldschool back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go burn this to a CD that will not be leaving my car all summer…