The Funkiest Version of Levels You’ll Ever Hear

We covered Harvard Bass quite some time ago on our artist spotlight feature and we’ve covered the shit out of Avicii’s “Levels” just about as far as we could take it. You know the song, your mom knows the song, and now Flo Rida and Top 40s radio knows the song. But what you don’t know is that Harvard Bass continues to produce sounds from the underground with his unique style of Techno and Tech-House that literally makes dance floors shake (I saw him open for Wolfgang Gartner at Boston’s Middle East basement). This bootleg, released for free on Harvard Bass’ SoundCloud page about three months ago, is absolutely the funkiest version of “Levels” I’ve heard and I’d be surprised if someone else could bring the funk harder. Someone commented that it’s the most nightclub-ready version of this song anyone has put out and after listening several times I do agree.

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Avicii – Levels (Harvard Bass Bootleg)