Laidback Luke at Royale Boston on June 13, 2012

Laidback Luke Brings the Summer Heat to Royale Boston

Laidback Luke at Royale Boston - 6/13/12

Laidback Luke is undoubtedly a cool customer: the rare bread of DJ that you could see yourself hanging out with. Look no further than his name to assure you that the Philippines-born Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, is chillier than the other side of the pillow. That didn’t stop him from bringing the heat last Wednesday at Royale.

When Luke started, it was evident he was there to rage. Luke played for over two hours, covering all his hits. He started the night with Speak Up and didn’t let up until the club closed. Borrowing from artists across the genre, his mix included Miami to Ibiza and Awooga. The highlight of the evening was a mashup of Cazzette’s That Cray Shit and the always approrpriate Satisfaction by Bennie Benassi. That Cray Shit, Cazzette’s banging remix to Niggas in Paris can play alone as sick party jam but LBL took it to the next level by throwing Satisfaction behind it. It seemed like LBL set out to try to have more fun on stage than certain underachieving members of the crowd and by 2 AM, he might have accomplished just that. Beside it being a Wednesday, it was another example of why Boston needs to allow artists to play past two. Luke was on pace to go until 3 AM and the true enthusiasts in the crowd were ready to keep him company. Even at the age of 35, Laidback Luke does not appear to want to slow down any time soon. He continues to put out club classics and bump amazing sites, time and time again.