Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again: The Remixes

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So there I was. Scanning over Pleasurekraft’s SoundCloud page, looking to see what they’ve been up to lately and hoping they had a semi-recent mix I could jam to. After seeing Justin Martin absolutely kill it last night (do yourself a favor and see this guy if he ever comes around – some of the funkiest bass-heavy Tech-House I’ve ever heard), today I remained in the mood to hear some funky House music and Pleasurekraft never lets me down for that. Any of you in the Boston area who went to see Avicii this past Friday, I really hope you got there early enough to catch their set. Anyways, I noticed Pleasurekraft had remixed NERVO’s huge summer anthem “You’re Gonna Love Again” which we originally posted as part of Storm’s Weather Report. Little did I know they weren’t the only ones.

What’s interesting about this remix package is that all of the remixed versions of this song come in between 126 and 130 beats per minute (bpm), defining them as some form of House music (with the assumption that 128bpm is the median number for House tunes). Usually when remix packages come out they feature different sub-genres of dance music and there’s almost always at least one Dubstep track, like there was with Sub Focus’ “Out the Blue” or Zedd’s “Stars Come Out”. Pleasurekraft’s version is the only one that really sticks out as being “different” but it’s easily my favorite version of the six and holy hell is it funky in the typical Pleasurekraft manner. Most of the mixes keep the original melodic chords and vocals but you’ll definitely notice differences overall. Marco V’s remix goes hard, and Robin Rocks & Rubio’s version is a lot darker and feels like something you might hear at an underground rave. Keep in mind I’ve never heard of Robin Rocks & Rubio nor have I heard of Pixel Cheese (although I love the name), but it’s always refreshing hearing new artists.

Anyways, check these out for yourself and if you like what you hear, PLEASE support the artists by purchasing on Beatport or iTunes. Additionally, if you have the chance to see NERVO live this summer, do youself a favor and do so. They fucking kill it, as they showed us during Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago.

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NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Extended Mix)
NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Pleasurekraft ‘Happily Never After’ Remix)
NERVO – Youre Gonna Love Again (Marco V Vocal Remix)
NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Robin Rocks & Rubio Remix)
NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Pixel Cheese Remix)
NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Alex Kenji Remix)

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