Spring Awakening: Thoughts On Chicago’s First Dance Music Festival

Photo Gallery Day 1 | Photo Gallery Day 2

On Saturday June 16 and Sunday June 17, the MMIBTY crew flew out to Chicago to experience the city’s first all-dance music festival. None of the three team members had been to the Windy City before which made their excitement in flying from Boston and Pennsylvania that much more heightened. React Presents were the promoters of this event and since they were such an established name in Chicago (bringing together shows and festivals alike) we had confidence that this would be a great weekend. With the venue located at Soldiers Field, home of the Chicago Bears, and some big names on the bill, we were excited to see what this little shin dig was all about.

Instead of our typical show review format, we decided to share with you our top-three highlights from Spring Awakening as well as three things we would change or add, considering it was the first year of the festival. Click through to hear all about it and thanks again to all the people that made this weekend possible!

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