Anvil Smith Brings That PL Flavor From Russia

For a producer as well-known and respected as Pretty Lights, he doesn’t seem to have too many imitators. In pretty much every facet of EDM, it’s easy to point out one producer borrowing ideas, sounds, and beats from others. Pretty Lights, however, with his sample-driven blend of experimental hip hop, glitch and dub, along with influences from soul and funk music, rarely is challenged by impersonators. While I can honestly say that Anvil Smith brings some great new material (for free no less) in his Bring The Heat EP, I’d be lying if I said it sounded completely original. In fact, if I had told you that Pretty Lights had produced this, I’d have virtually no dissenters who could tell the difference. That said, we love Derek. I speak for many when I say he is one of the main reasons EDM has amassed such a fan base to begin with and certainly sold me on the potential of electronic music from very early on. So therefore, by association, we love Anvil Smith. The Russian producer’s EP sounds much like Pretty Lights’ earlier material: still laid-back with strong hip-hop vibes and not overdosing on wobble. You won’t have any trouble figuring out how to dance to this… the same moves (which I’ve thrown down many a time in front of the man himself) apply here.

Anvil Smith – Stardust

Anvil Smith – No More Tears

Pick up the whole 6-track EP for free here. Anvil’s just getting his start (i.e. <100 likes on the ‘book) so show him some love on Facebook and Soundcloud.