Artist Spotlight – Sazon Booya

I believe as of now it is safe to say that Moombah is a well established genre of EDM capable of sustaining artists completely on its own. Mr. Vega and DJ SAV are two NYC natives that together form the group known as Sazon Booya. Sazon Booya are an incredibly determined duo that have been making great strides in the Moombah scene and have been recognized and supported by some of the biggest names out there right now.

Artists such as Munchi, Heartbreak, DJ Sabo, Skrillex and others have supported their career by adding their tracks into their sets and speaking highly of them. This past weekend I had the absolute amazing pleasure to meet Moombah’s forefathers Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom whom had the up most respect for  Sazon Booya, and even gave a shout out to them during their performance as Nadastrom in Burlington VT.

The word Sazon itself is defined a seasoned salt mixture used in Latin America that includes a variety of spices, this duo more than lives up to their title. In 2011 they more than filled their frequent flyer quota by performing in over a dozen dates across the country performing along side artists such as Nadastrom, Digitialism, Billy The Gent, NMEZEE and even more. They joined up with the MOTHERSHIP TOUR and pefromed the after parties with 12th planet, Foreign Beggers and others. These guys are more than up and comers and their track record really proves they are here to stay, I am sure you will be seeing more of these guys. Stay tuned and check out some of the tracks that I feel represent their sound.

Sazon Booya – Get That Beat

Sazon Booya, MUST DIE – Bombo Tiempo

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