Porter Robinson Keeps the Language Lessons Coming

As his first headlining bus tour continues to roll through America, Porter Robinson leaves his mark as the prodigy that has finally come to age. Tearing through the states with a few buddies (Matt Zo and the M Machine) has Porter making his stamp in places like Saskatoon, Canada and Tempe, NM before he ascends on the Rocky Mountains this weekend. With two dates in Colorado to help celebrate America’s epicness, Porter Robinson will have us all begging for another week off for recovery. First, in Boulder, he and his band of fools will tear down the Boulder Theater before heading into Denver for a big Saturday night. The Ogden Theater is set to host the biggest show in Colorado during what is being called an all out “bender week” here in the Mile High. This is the kind of show that you want to get in early, as every single act is a must see in my opinion. As the show will most definately sell out with kids of all ages from all areas of the country, it would be wise to buy tickets now! Hope to see everyone there on Saturday!

Porter Robinson – Language

Mat Zo – Bipolar

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)

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Boulder Teater 7/7: Tickets

Ogden Theater 7/8: Tickets

Here’s what Porter did earlier in June on his first stop of the Language Tour at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas NV…