Tales from OC Sundays: Steve Aoki, Champagne, and Cake

Click here for the full photo album (photo credit Ryan Wiklund)

This past Sunday at Ocean Club was a wild one – a pattern that has been repeating itself week after week over at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. First off, I want to thank MASS EDMC, NV Concepts and the management at Ocean Club for hooking me up at the show. Although some EDM purists may criticize Steve Aoki for his “press play and walk away” method of DJing and for his onstage antics, Sunday night was some of the most fun I’ve ever had at a live show.

Aoki’s set brought a lot of energy, but things were poppin’ off way before he took the stage. Resident DJ Bamboora’s opening set had the crowd amped up and going hard. Aoki dropped some of his bigger hits such as “No Beef” and his “Pursuit of Happiness” remix (originally by Kid Cudi), while also mixing it up with some other producers’ House and Trap songs. Things got even wilder as he proceeded to spray his audience with champagne and crowd surf on his raft during “Turbulence” – something that has become a staple of his shows. Steve is known for venturing out into the mob during his sets and for performing the “caking” of a crowd member (see photos for the aftermath). I feel that Aoki delivered a solid ratio of antics to actual DJing. Steve Aoki proclaimed his love for Boston and, more importantly, showed Bostonians that you CAN have your cake and eat it too (while raging of course).

-Ryan Wiklund, photographer

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