Woody x Notorious B.I.G. [Free Remixtape]

While Identity blazes on through Mansfield on it’s way to rock Jones Beach this Saturday, I wanted to bring something certified fresh to all the fans of real music out there. California-native Woody has been a hip-hop producer for a while, working with such big names like Talib Kweli and B.o.B. to up-and-comers like Casey Veggies, XV and Charles Hamilton. While I know this is not a hip-hop blog and many of those names might not sound familiar to you, Biggie is one that we can all agree on. His last remixtape took several of Kanye’s popular songs, replacing the instrumentals with Woody’s musically mindful productions, which consistently complement the natural feel of the emcee’s flow and the song’s subject matter. On his latest project, which he had adequately built up anticipation for with numerous leaks over the past few weeks, he does the same with some of Biggie’s best tracks, many of which sound just as good if not better than the originals. Breathing life back into these tracks really produces the soundtrack this summer needed, as Biggie’s ‘notorious’ voice and punchy bars will forever live in infamy. Download the whole thing for free here and be sure to pick up some more of his music for free on his website.