Alexisonfire – To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix)

Photo Credit: MMIBTY Staff Photographer Ryan Wiklund

Any of you avid readers should know by now my tumultuous relationship with the dubstep duo Adventure Club. I’ve taken a good deal of time and energy to express how I feel about how they’ve developed as artists, with their progression from a chillwave sound (that I loved) to a much heavier sound (that I don’t). Without getting into too much detail, my vocal dissent with their increasingly noisy style reached their ears through whatever means and I’m sure they must have at least absorbed it, especially considering they owe the bulk of their success to support from blogs like this one. In fact, they actually retweeted my last rant post and it became quite a popular post because of that. Now, I know that bloggers such as myself may have a reputation for being cocky behind a keyboard (I’m pretty cocky in real life too) but there’s no doubt that we have measurable influence in the music realm. So I’m not saying I had anything to do with AC’s latest remix sounding like their older, more favorable stuff, but I hope I did. I hope at the very least the return to their roots on this remix made them understand where I was coming from in my criticism. I like this one a lot. I’m actually relieved that I can finally say that about an AC track again.