Adventure Club Gets Bested At Their Own Game Again

Last time I posted something about Adventure Club, I didn’t have the nicest things to say. Guess what? I STILL DON’T! Ha! If you want to read all about what I had to say, you can do so here, but to sum it up I basically said that they sold out, they changed their sound to something that sucks, they suck as live DJ’s and I was really disappointed because I used to be a big fan. In that post, I basically broke down all their new mediocre songs and said of “Need Your Heart”, and I quote, “If they got rid of that fucking annoying bleeping, it might’ve been pretty good.” Well, someone was listening and, surprise surprise, I was right. Cry Wolf called in Victor Wooten or something on this one because the bassline is absolutely insane. Then it gets into a funky glitchy frenzy which just made my shoulders start to shake. And Kai’s vocals are really quite nice without all the bleeping. YOLO!

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart ft. Kai (Cry Wolf’s “YOLO” Remix)

Protohype‘s take isn’t bad either if you’re looking for something a little heavier and with Rick Ross heaving samples. Take your pick, they’re both better than the original.

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart ft. Kai (Protohype Remix)

P.S. All that being said, I did think “Retro City” was kind of good…

UPDATE: Candyland also just dropped a great remix, which complements these two by being on the lighter, more melodic side. I’m not sure if I would describe it as “nu-disco” as it’s advertised but it’s Madeon-ish which goes for miles in my book. Thanks to Johnny Quigley for the heads-up.

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart ft. Kai (Candyland Remix)