Glitch Funk And Fun From The Floozies

Long before our current generation’s fascination with software and machines that make weird and different noises, music was about experimenting with different kinds of machines: live instruments. And no matter where you stand on which of those machines produces the better kind of music, you have to appreciate the different skill sets that go into playing either. So color me impressed with The Floozies‘ latest EP Sunroof Cadillac. Fans of Pretty Lights will instantly connecting with the familiar glitchy, sample-laden beats but it might not occur to you right off the bat that the Kansas-based duo makes all this music combining the sounds of real drums, guitars and keyboards and then chopping it up to perfection in the studio (and live). What you get is a sound like you’d expect to find at one of Gramatik‘s live shows: a hip-hop groove covered in funky electro beats and samples and fattened up with bass. For a free four-track EP, don’t sleep on this one.

The Floozies – Sunroof Cadillac
The Floozies – Funk Street
The Floozies – Just Can’t Sit
The Floozies – Hot Stuff

Download the whole EP zipped here and check out The Floozies SoundCloud for more.