John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia and Pleasurekraft Set Down at Governor’s Island NYC

Digweed and Tenaglia may sound like familiar names to you, and they should. John Digweed has been an international progressive DJ and producer for over 10 years, is behind the Bedrock record label and was voted DJ Mag’s #1 DJ in the world in 2001 (he still sits at a cool #55). Danny Tenaglia is an NYC native, hailing from Brooklyn, who has been DJing since the mid 1980’s all around the world. Unfortunately, the realm of tech-house, deep house and progressive doesn’t get as much play in the states as it should and for that reason you won’t be able to ask just any random EDM “fan” who these cats are and get a decent response. In the current state of EDM in the US, being relevant is all the rage and experience takes a back seat to being current. There’s no substitute, however, for the amount of time these internationally-recognized DJ’s have spent behind the decks, wowing audiences, building their music collections and perfecting their craft. Governors Island this coming Saturday will be full of educated and mature EDM fans, those that can recognize talent and sophistication when they hear it. If you count yourself in that league of people, you should find yourself there. At only $45 including the round-trip ferry, it’s an absolute steal for the opportunity to spend a lazy Saturday enjoying deep grooves under the sun with the view of NYC as the backdrop. Add in Pleasurekraft, one of MMIBTY’s favorite producers and DJ’s, and NYC’s Sleepy and Boo and I can’t think of a better way to spend 8 hours. What’s more is it’s being put on by our friends over at MADE Event, who are behind the world-famous NYC EDM festival Electric Zoo (which is coming up in only a few short weeks), so you know it’s going to be well produced. Take a listen below to the latest episode of John Digweed’s popular Transitions podcast below for a taste of what to expect. Get all the info and buy tickets here! We’ll see you there.