Paces Making Dreamy Bass Music

I’ve never had the pleasure of heading down under but from what I understand from many others who have traveled there, it is a striking place full of friendly vibes and beautiful women. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Paces emerged out of the duo Surecut Kids, who specialize in higher energy dance music (i.e. party music), with the desire to explore softer and more melancholic sounds that he could “show his mother”. He just received a great deal of traction with a free bootleg he released through Facebook of The XX‘s “Angels” record last week. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it but didn’t know if it was worth posting… until he unveiled his newest remix. Although it doesn’t come out on Beatport until September 7th, he’s put the track up for stream on his SoundCloud. This one might be even better than the “Angels” bootleg. I know this isn’t party music people but this is fucking good music. Enjoy the stream and grab the download for his awesome XX bootleg too.

Like what you hear? Pick up his free 3-track EP of originals on his Facebook page in exchange for a like (he’s got less than 500!) and hit up his SoundCloud for more free remixes.