New Progressive Tunes from Nervo vs. Hook N Sling & Avicii

I don’t really like to throw around “tune of the summer” or shit like that. That said, Nervo and Hook N Sling make a pretty good case with their latest record. The sexy Aussie duo figured out that, despite their skills behind the decks, their true appeal was in their vocals and have been working that angle with their singles “We’re All No One”, “The Way We See The World” and “You’re Gonna Love Again”. “Reason” follows the trend with the twins belting out warm vocals which make way for the vibrant and happy synths that give the song its feel-good vibe. You may have already heard this one in sets from the summer but it just celebrated its official release, so pick it up on Beatport.

Nervo vs. Hook and Sling – Reason (Original Mix) | Beatport

After coming off playing some most of the biggest festivals in the world this summer, Avicii has solidified his place in the house hall of fame, even if all he’s ever remembered for may be the love-and-hate affair everyone seems to have had with his single “Levels”. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about his latest but what I do like about it is his return to a more “Tim Berg” sound. Before Avicii was the panty-dropping mega-performer he is today, he produced some phenomenal progressive and club material under his real name (full name: Tim Bergling) which didn’t carry the same mass-produced appeal as his more recent work. The whistle sample in this is really the money maker and while you’ll find the typical Avicii synths in the song, they mostly remain in the backdrop, which is a nice and unexpected change. Unfortunately I fear it’s only a matter of time until this gets a vocal mix and becomes a whole different song entirely.

Avicii – Last Dance (Original Club Instrumental) | Beatport