Porter Robinson’s “Language” Gets an Official Music Video

Porter Robinson’s most recent track “Language” has been incredibly popular since its release in April 2012 – hitting #1 overall on the Beatport charts and according to 1001 Tracklists it has been the #11 most-played song by touring DJs in 2012 (84 times on track lists that have been posted online; one slot behind Otto Knows’ “Million Voices” and one slot above Hardwell’s “Spaceman“). It’s a beautiful track that gives me chills every time I hear it and it’s incredible that Porter has matured his sound from the days of “Say My Name” (my favorite Porter song) and his remix of Spencer & Hill’s “Less Go” – both of which are heavy Electro-House bangers. (Side tangent: I can still remember playing the “Less Go” remix for my friend Amanda and she literally went “oh…my…God…” when the first bass line hit. Yeah.)

Now, to add to the chills, Porter unleashes his official video for “Language” and it’s a fucking journey. Scenic views that remind me of my time in New Zealand a beautiful lady running around (Susannah Hart Jones), and an overall theme that allows you to escape reality for the four minutes you’re watching. One person commented on the video and I don’t know if anyone could put it better:

“This is basically an embodiment of what happens to people who listen to EDM. We escape the troubles of our daily lives while listening to EDM. We get lost in the music. We’re captivated. Then, the music gives us the power to overcome our obstacles. Peace. Love. EDM <3”

Check out the video and support Porter Robinson as one of my favorite producers/DJs out there. He’s coming to New Hampshire on August 17th – go to the Boston shows page for more info.