Counterpoint Festival: EDM Lands On The Home of Southern Hip-Hop

Counterpoint may be the most ambitious yet exciting festival project to emerge this year. It’s literally groundbreaking, if just for the sacred soil it tramples on, once (and perhaps still, by many) thought to be only reserved for traditional Southern Hip-Hop. Such legendary hip-hop acts as Outkast, T.I. and Ludacris have emerged from the Georgian capitol and established strong roots among the city’s predominantly urban population as an epicenter for the affected and characteristic styles of Crunk and Southern Hip-Hop. The musical influences of the population span further and farther back in time, into the R&B, gospel, blues, and jazz realms, for example, but still haven’t come close to to touching the relatively new phenomenon of EDM.

While the new wave of trap music might have you believe that the lines between EDM culture and urban culture are being blurred, let me assure you that day is far away. Will Atlanta be receptive to the almost exclusively white crowd that this festival promises to bring in attendance? Only time will tell but, who knows, maybe Atlanta will become the next Chicago? After all, with C3 Presents, the production company behind Chi-town’s Lollapalooza, helping here, they should know precisely what to do. But moving in on new territory is not the only way in which this festival breaks ground.

In a move that’s too soon to be called either smart or stupid, Counterpoint timed their festival weeks after many would argue the festival season (and, for that matter, summer) had ended. Labor Day weekend is generally regarded as the end of summer and, although many festivals now are trying to break free from the idea that major music gatherings can only be enjoyed during the dog days, this remains the exception rather than the rule. Of course, we can’t forget: summer certainly lasts much longer in the South. Counterpoint looks to make the same true for festivals with the incredible lineup they’ve put together for their inaugural year.

With C3 Presents (Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits) and MCP Presents (Camp Bisco, Lights All Night) behind the production and promotion, you had to know big things could be expected in the lineup. I just don’t think anyone expected it to be… THIS BIG. Grabbing just about every major ticket headliner imaginable then filling it out with a laundry list of international superstar DJ’s must have been no easy (or cheap) task. Fan-favorite house DJ’s Steve Angello and Avicii will be there. Dubstep heavyweights Bassnectar and Skrillex will be there. Everyone’s favorite glitch-dub-funk-hip-hop DJ Pretty Lights will be there. I could go on and on about the supporting cast but the artists I think really make this one stand out are M83, Crystal Castles and Ghostland Observatory, who all offer contrasting styles to the onslaught of DJ’s that you’ve probably already seen 10 times this summer anyways (or maybe that’s just me…). This festival will also see curated tents from Fools Gold Records and Pretty Lights Music, similar in fashion to those we saw this summer at Camp Bisco and Electric Zoo. Regardless of who you go there to see, Counterpoint is making sure you will enjoy the entire experience and not just the fantastic lineup.

The venue will be situated on a 350-acre plot of land, south of metro Atlanta and right on the Chattahoochee river front, which should provide scenic views. Counterpoint is also offers camping options, giving you the choice to make your own experience, should it be outside with nature or cozied up in a local hotel nearby. On top of all that, the plan is to have an arts village, “extreme sports demonstration”, a beer garden, and even a college football viewing area. What more could one want at a festival?

Tickets are on sale now through Counterpoint’s website, with an advance ticket going now for only $165. Camping passes need to be purchased separately for a small additional fee. All additional information can be found through the festival’s website here.