Crate Diggers Club #2: Moombahton

Sorry for the wait guys! CDC number 2 is finally here! This week I’ll be stocking all you DJs with a healthy dose of funky moombahton tracks. Like trap to most people getting into electronic dance music, finding artists that are quality is usually going to take some extensive work. Some people recognize Dillon Francis as a prominent DJ in the moombahton scene first and formost, and while he’s a favorite of mine, there are plenty of artists worth looking into. The genre is still fairly new, and its diverged into a few subgenres already. Today I’ll be bringing it to you in multiple forms, so you can push it into whatever DJ set you’re planning, either to speed up the tempo of your set, or to slow it down a bit.

Will Bailey, Whiskey Pete – Wet Dream

Alex Clare – Up All Night (Nadastrom Remix)

Hardwell – Spaceman (Naffz Remix)

Sazon Booya – Shake (ft. Valerie Valentine)

Diplo – Horsey (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

Craze – Grabbin’ Chochas

Datsik – Fully Blown (Kroktopus Remix)

J-Trick, Jay Fay – Killswitch

.357 Magnum – Gojira (ETC!ETC! Remix)

Lots of tracks for you to digest, but this is a good sampling of who I believe is killing it in the moombahton scene lately. Nadastrom, namely Dave Nada, is the reason for the genre’s existence. The rest may not be so common to those unfamiliar with moombahton, and this article is meant to educate you on these producers. I hope you choose to pick up more from these artists, as well as give their Facebook pages some love. I’m going to leave you with a clip of a song recently released by the one and only dubstep legend Doctor P. Reason I don’t drop it as a free download? It is WORTH the purchase. It is one of THE hardest hitting moombahton (or I suppose moombahcore) tracks released to date. Ladies and gentleman….Galaxies and Stars!

Facebook pages:

Will Bailey, Nadastrom, Naffz, Sazon Booya, Lazerdisk Party Sex, Craze, J-Trick, Jay Fay

I’ll be keeping this a Saturday article from now on due to my work schedule, so stay tuned every saturday. Remember to peep Crate Diggers Club #1 on trap if you have not done so already, and keep checking this website during the week for surprise articles by myself. Next week I’ll be switching gears and be hitting some progressive house tunes. Those looking for something melodic and powerful sounding that isn’t Avicii, stay tuned.

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