Popeska Enrolls In Kindergarten

You may or may not know that Wolfgang Gartner recently unveiled the return of Kindergarten Recordings, the label he started in ’08  where tracks like “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” were released, a favorite still to this day.  Wolfgang gave the honor of the first release to a young kid named Ralf from Atlanta, who for a lack of the words.. goes huge! Popeska lays down four certified bangers for his first ever release, one being a Wolfgang edit for a little added bonus! Having that same huge electro house sound that made Wolfgang who he is today, Popeska gives a blast of fresh air to the scene with tracks like the featured song Karmameter. 

Popeska  is joining Gartner’s “Love & War” bus tour alongside Pierce Fulton this fall. The tour is stopping all over the USA at some of the smaller venues you’ll be able to see any of these acts for a long time to come. Check out the dates below!

Popeska – Karmameter

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