TNGHT: A Match Made In The Night

One from Glasgow, Scotland the other from Montreal, Canada this oceanic separated duo has fathered some of the most wonderful music to circulate the intertubes. TNGHT is one part Hudson Mohawke and one part Lunice, and together they have generated the summer trapstyle anthems that have resonated through subwoofers and car stereos alike across the globe.  Their debut TNGHT EP is a five track product of proper musical symbiosis that stretches musical genres as well satisfies even the most pretentious EDM listener. With their powers combined these two have been driving forces behind the trapstyle movement sweeping the EDM sphere yet their backgrounds seem to be incredibly unique to one another.

Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) aka Hudson Mo or HudMo is a Scotland born musician that originally went under the Dj Moniker of Dj Itchy until an engraving on a statue influenced him to adjust his title. One of the youngest ever UK DMC finalist Mohawke signed to Warp Records in 2009 and released his debut album Butter. A student of turntable science at his core, Hudson Mohawke’s sound is a silky blend of hip-hop and new school UK EDM bass music. His background and upbringing into the DJ world was a perfect balance to send him into the trapstyle spotlight and eventually join forces with the man known as Lunice.

After hearing about how hip-hop producer 9th wonder was able to construct his music using simple and cheap computer programs Lunice (Lunice Fermin Pierre II) began producing a superb and incredibly deep style of bass music. In 2007 he began playing in the infamous Montreal Bass Culture events which got him recognized by some of the local legends and consequently opened up quite a few doors for the young producer. One said door was right into the offices of Mad Decent and into the lap of the one they call Diplo where Lunice was offered a chance to do a remix for Deerhunter’s track “Helicopter”. Performing at the Mad Decent Block Parties  Lunice became a well known name and began traveling internationally shaking down the doors where ever he landed.

If it was not for Lunice’s quick success and his affiliation with the Turbo Crunk parties where in 2008 he booked Hudson Mohawke to play, there may have never been a union that created TNGHT. However lucky for all of us the two did decide to unite in 2012 and bring us some absolutely incredible music. Below I would like you to check out some tracks from each respective artist as well as their collaboration together as TNGHT. Cheers.

Hudson Mohawke – FUSE

Lunice – Hip Pop

TNGHT – Bugg’n

TNGHT – Goooo

Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version) (props to Concklin)

TNGHT Facebook

Grab the TNGHT EP here 

Check out this great clip of BADBADNOTGOOD covering TNGHT’s “Bugg’n” at the Toronto Mad Decent Blockparty


Special thanks to Mushpost.