Love and Light Provide the Funk for Some Classics

Well you may have never heard of Love and Light, but hey that’s what I am here for, right!? The dynamic duo of Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson hail from the Tahoe basin area which gives us a glimpse into what kind of music to expect. That funky glitch sound that we have heard from acts like KOAN Sound and Griz is so fondly apparent in the remixes that they have been shelling out lately. Taking some of the great classic rock hits from the days of our parents and pumping in that much high powered funk has me jumping up and down all alone in my apartment. These remixes were part of their brand new album that released for FREE on their website a few weeks back. Check out the songs and if you like them, which I assure you, you will, go give them some love on their social media outlets and pay attention to when they come to a city near you.

Boston – More Than a Feeling (Love and Light Remix)

Queen – Fat Bottom Girls (Light and Light Remix)

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**DENVER** Love and Light will be playing at the Bluebird Theater tonight presented by Souls In Action!! Tickets are $23 at the door, this is not a show to be missed!