Alex Niggemann Gets Paranoid

Among the  full-length artist albums that I have come across in 2012, you’ll find Alex Niggemann’s “Paranoid Funk” [Poker Flat Recordings] (June, 2012) near the top of the list. “Paranoid Funk” provides an impressive selection of upbeat and enjoyable deep house tracks with a darker, techy underbelly that maxes out at around 124 BPM. Niggemann is among the many edgy house-heads based out out of Berlin and his musical beginnings came as a classically trained pianist and vintage hip-hop aficionado. Part of what makes Alex Niggemann’s contemporary sounds so enjoyable for me is due to his evident roots in hip-hop and the array of classic analog sounds that he incorporates into his productions. I love the clicks, pops, claps and the occasional hip-hop vocal sample that you hear in his mixes and tracks; it makes for good dancing and as always, is great for the late night parties. Do yourself a favor and check out the 2012 LP  “Paranoid Funk”, his 2011 EP “Lately”, both are loaded with awesome tracks. I’ve included selections from both releases below in addition to a live set from his hometown club Watergate, Berlin recorded 9/14/2012. Enjoy.

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Selections from “Paranoid Funk” LP (2012) [Poker Flat Recordings]

Alex Niggemann-I Don’t Care (Aggressive Tale Mix)

Alex Niggemann-Easy Love feat. Florian Schirmacher

Alex Niggemann-That Is…!? (Vinyl Cut)

Alex Niggemann-Don’t Wait (Extended Mix)

“Lately” EP (2011) [Poker Flat Recordings]

Alex Niggemann-Lately

Alex Niggemann-Madness

Alex Niggemann-Smash Your Face